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Yankee Barn Homes: Five Suggestions to Lower Building Costs

Yankee Barn Homes: five suggestions to lower building costs are presented in this article. Post and Beam homes are expected to cost more than a 2×4 “stick built” home.  The reasons for this are many and varied; however, the main ones have to do with the cost of a high quality timber frame (opposed to inexpensive wood studs), superior insulation, and the typical use of large glass areas.  That being said, there are many ways you can keep the cost of a post and beam home down while maintaining the feel of a timber frame structure.  Most importantly, before starting the design process you need to know your budget. Then, keep it in mind as you navigate the course of the build process and you’ll end up with a gorgeous Yankee Barn home you’ll love for years and years to come!

Lower Building Costs


Five Ways to Lower Costs

1. Stay With a Rectangle

Stay with a Rectangle 

The least expensive home to build (per square foot) is a basic 2 story rectangle.  Single story structures, ells, dormers, or any type of bump-out are going to add to the cost.  Lower Building Costs

Lower Buidling Costs

2. Forgo a Cathedral Ceiling

Forgo a Cathedral Ceiling

Vaulted ceilings may add character to your home, but you are using (and paying for) large volumes of space.  Instead of a cathedral ceiling great room, try putting a 10’ or 12’ ceiling over this space.  You will still have a feeling of volume in the great room, but the space above is additional and usable square footage. Lower Building Costs

Lower Building Costs

3. Build a Hybrid

Build a “Hybrid”

A hybrid design uses a true post and beam frame for the main living areas (great room, kitchen, and dining room), while using partial or no timber frame in the rest of the structure.  You may find you don’t need the posts showing in bedrooms, which will save money. Lower Building Costs

Lower Building Costs

4. Choose Drywall

Choose Drywall 

Instead of the more expensive tongue and groove wood planks, use drywall on the ceilings. Or consider using the wood planks on select main areas of your home. Lower Building Costs

Lower Building Costs

5. Choose Interior Finishes Wisely

Choose Interior Finishes Wisely 

The primary goal should be to build a quality post and beam home with “good bones.”  There’s no need to complete everything at once. Prioritize your list of “must haves” and decide what should be installed as you build and what can be done or upgraded at a later date. Lower Building Costs

Lower Building Costs

For further information on keeping costs down when building a post and beam home, please contact Yankee Barn Homes at 1-800-258-9786.



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