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From Shop to Shell: Walk Through the Post and Beam Construction Process at Yankee Barn Homes

Due to our unique panelized shell construction process, much of the building work is done ahead of schedule in our shop, saving the client time and money on their job sites. The Douglas fir timbers, SFI certified (Sustainable Forestry Initiative), are kiln-dried, pre-cut and pre-stained to allow for fast building. Yankee Barn Homes uses True Wall Panels, which are panelized in the Yankee Barn Homes production facility using 2×6 studs and best “green polyiso” insulation available. Windows are pre-installed in the True Wall Panels, allowing for a superior fit and seal to prevent heat loss.

Stud Precut Line and Shoe/Plate Alignment


Stud Precut Line and Shoe/Plate Alignment. Here all the shoes and plates are laid out along a 75′ bench (against the back wall) so we can ensure they are all the precisely cut and the proper dimension.


True Wall Plate Line



True Wall Plate Line. All the plates and studs are brought together and placed on the wall table machine. This verifies that each panel is absolutely square. Next the window components, insulation, and exterior sheathing are installed.

Trim Options Line
Trim Options Line. This is our sander and planer, which we use to create a flat and even surface on our components.



This is the dado saw



This is the dado saw, where we cut window trim, stool stock, posts and stair components. The material is cut to length and then dado cut. Angle cuts are made on the chop saw.

Timber frame line


Timber Frame Line. This is our 5,000 lb. saw originally made for the US Navy, it was adapted by Yankee Barn Homes to cut the notches in our custom post and beam frames.


In the timber frame shop


In the Timber Frame Shop, timbers come in cut to length, and are then notched. We have two lines of material that goes through this shop and then a crane lifts the finished components out of the shop.






True Roof Table Line. Here we frame the roof panels and square them up. Each panel receives energy-efficient plastic and strapping. A steel fence is then pulled up around the panels, ensuring that each panel is perfectly square.


Here interior v-groove is installed


Interior v-groove is installed. The roof panel is flipped over and super energy-efficient insulation is installed. Next the plywood is installed.



Components  arrive


Components arriveby truck to the building site. Since the frame is already cut and notched in the Yankee Barn frame shop, the barn raising can proceed smoothly.


Started second floor deck



Started second floor deck. “A Yankee Barn goes up very easily, fits together well, and is substantially enclosed in a very short period of time, even when it’s built during the worst ice storm of the century,” said builder Ken Desjardins.


Roof beams in place


Roof beams in place. “Nothing compares to Yankee Barn quality, how fast the product goes up, and the floor plan flexibility. A Yankee Barn can look anyway you want – a barn, a conventional house, even with stone on the exterior. There are no limitations to the design.”


Last of the True Wall panels


Last of the True Wall panels lifted into place. “Yankee Barn is flexible and helpful. On this project, we made some last minute changes on site. Yankee Barn worked with us to build the components to make it work.”


True Roof® panels in place


True Roof ® panels in place for a nearly weather-tight shell. “The shell was built easily in two weeks. ”


We want you



At Yankee Barn Homes, we have as much information as you need to review our custom homes. If there is additional material that you’d like, please let us know.






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