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Post and Beam Living In Quebec – Part II

As stated in my earlier post, I found many examples of how the post and beam structure and the timber frame were and are used in and around the walled city of old Quebec. Instead of writing on and on, I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves. I hope you enjoy the photos and get inspired by the beauty and ingenuity of these fine examples of post and beam.

There are five cathedrals within walking distance of one another in old Quebec.

You can almost see the huge timbers that support these beautiful 16th century buildings.

Through the window of this art gallery, you can see the antique post and beam structure. This scene was oft-repeated during our trip as gorgeous timber frames were everywhere!

The barn doors on this shed caught my eye immediately. I’m planning on incorporating this pattern into an outbuilding of my own one day.

A trip to Quebec can not be called complete without a visit to the beautiful shopping district called ‘Le Petite Champlain’.

The city decked out in all it’s holiday finery.

Shots of a few store fronts on Le Petite Champlain.

Yes, this woodpecker IS as large as it looks. It’s all this wood carving boutique needs in the way of advertising.

Okay, so it’s not wood, but this Korbel was too pretty to pass by without photographing.

In case you might think the timbers are used only in the buildings, think again. These stairs leading down to Le Petite Champlain are solid timbers hollowed out at the kick back for the longer foot (like mine!).

A close-up of the same stairs.

Did I mention the chocolates? They alone are worth the trip!

Should you ever get the chance, do not pass up the opportunity to visit this wonderful city!


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