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An Open Air Barn In The Catskills – WOW!

Yes, I mean WOW!! I was at the first photo shoot of this Yankee Barn Homes barn home in the Catskill Mountains several years ago. I thought it was amazing then. Little did I know what was about to be added to the back yard.

Photographing this Yankee Barn home in the Catskills was one of my favorite assignments.

The homeowner, an amazing woman with a picture-perfect eye for architecture and detail, told me at the shoot about her plans for the back yard that included a pool. At the time I thought “Hm…that could be really nice”. What an understatement! Take a look at what this woman’s imagination yielded.

The back yard slopes, so a series of three blue stone patios lead from the deck to the pool area.

A gorgeous granite slab pool sits at the base of the stairs.

The mountain style open air barn, complete with outdoor kitchen, is one of the stars of this show.

Classic teak patio furniture and top-notch landscaping complete the scene.

But now, more about that great open air barn…

Built to blend with its surrounds, the mountain style open air barn utilizes heavy timbers and local stone. The semi-circular stone wall to the left actually houses an outdoor shower!

The homeowner realized the pool area would be a distance from her kitchen in the house so she had everything she’d need built into the open air barn.

The open air barn is large enough to house a kitchen and dining area.

A view from the blue stone patios that lead to the pool area.

I’ll bet you’re now using the explicative “WOW” yourself. This is one amazing post & beam compound in the Catskill Mountains!!

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