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Quick Reminder: Yankee Barn Homes Gets Magazine Cover

Just a quick reminder: Don’t forget to pick up your copy of the April issue of  New Hampshire Home or click here and go to their website to see our teahouse and Zen garden on the cover and our carriage house beginning on page 80.

As a special heads-up to Post and Beam Living readers, check out the lower portion of the chair pictured on page 84. Our 9 month old Boxer, Violet, did a little “decorating” of her own. Apparently, it runs in the family!

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  1. Great article in New Hampshire magazine! You certainly are the poster child for convincing people that living in a smaller foot print makes sense anc can be truly loevely at the same time.

    My French Mastiff Wolf E. also enjoyed this type of “decorating” when he was that age. He “decorated” a wicker trunk, a wicker chair and wicker laundry basket for me when he was about the same age. Something about that bamboo/wicker really attracts them!

    But Violet is so very cute so who could ever be mad at her decorating efforts?

  2. Thanks for your great comments, Susan. When we first began this project, building small was the last thing from our mind, but you know how life is and we couldn’t be happier.

    I loved your story about Wolf E. (great name, by the way).

    Violet is adorable and thankfully seems to have growm out of her “decorating” stage. She now leaves that to mom!

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