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Two Yankee Barn Additions Bridge the 18th & 21st Centuries

One of the best things about living in New England is being amongst some of the oldest architecture in the U.S. Beautiful original timber frame structures abound, from barns to homes, to mills. An interesting fact: structures from the 1700s and 1800s were built using the post and beam method. So who better to turn to than the best of the best in post & beam architecture, Yankee Barn Homes, when considering adding on to a historic building. These homeowners wouldn’t even consider working with any other company.

A simple rectangle shape, this federal in rural New England was most likely owned by a well-to-do farmer. Perfect for families of the 18th Century, but not necessarily for families of today. More room was needed and an updated kitchen was a must, but it had to be done so as to respect the antiquity of the original structure both inside and out. The plan: join the back “shed” extension of the home to a new carriage house structure and bump out the side of the home to extend and modernize the kitchen-dining area. This bump out would also afford a new master bath area for the master bedroom on the second floor. Here’s the final result:

The lower level of the carriage house is actually the garage, complete with automatic garage doors. But that is definitely not the best feature of this carriage house: wait until later when you see what’s upstairs.

On the opposite side of the house is the kitchen and master bath addition, complete with a covered farmhouse porch! I ‘ve now pretty well established this project looks great from the outside, but what about the interior? I promise, it will not disappoint. 

The totally new and modernized kitchen ties in beautifully with the Early American style the homeowners love.

From the opposite direction, you can see that new mimics and compliments old. An untrained eye would be hard pressed to tell the antiques from the reproductions. This is how you know the homeowner and designers nailed it!

By far my favorite feature of the post and beam kitchen is the huge fireplace, original to the home; or is it? It’s so well done, no one cares, and I’ll never tell!

Before moving on to the interior of the carriage house, let’s take a peak at the new master bath suite which sits atop the kitchen addition. What I wouldn’t give to have a space like this after a long and tiring day!

I’ve made you wait long enough, but I promise you will not be disappointed, particularly those of you who love rooms totally dedicated to relaxing fun and playing games. The upper level of the carriage house is totally dedicated to the most sophisticated and soothing billiards room ever!

Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about!

I hope you think it was worth the wait. I know I’ve lusted after this room ever since I first laid eyes on it!

Start dreaming today, no matter how old or new your home, a Yankee Barn Homes post and beam addition could take your home to extraordinary levels. This home is most definitely proof positive!

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