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Yankee Barn Homes Website and Blog Now Have Pinterest

Yankee Barn Homes website and blog now have Pinterest. This means any time you see a picture or pictures of the great Yankee Barn homes, barns and/or carriage houses you like, you may now immediately post them directly onto your Pinterest boards! Click the button below to give it a try. [pinit]

In case you’re wondering “what is Pinterest?”, please read on. Pinterest is to photos what Twitter and Facebook are to the written word. Pinterest allows you to “pin” any photos you see on the web to “boards” you create. Topics may vary on these boards from clothing ,to food, to architecture, and everything in-between. All you need do is sign up with Pinterest (it’s free) and if you are already on either Facebook or Twitter, you’re profile will automatically be transferred over to Pinterest. If you don’t have a profile, no problem as Pinterest will allow you to create one when you sign up. Want to know more? Click this link: What Is Pinterest?

A few pictures to get you started – feel free to pin any or all of these fabulous Yankee Barn Homes onto your favorite boards, and be sure to add comments whenever you wish.

Barn Homes Addition by YBH on Pinterest

Yankee Barn Homes Mountain Style Entryway

Yankee Barn Homes Coastal Style

Carriage House in NH

So what are you waiting for? From now on, once you’ve read a blog post and seen pictures you like, go to the bottom of the post and, along with all the other social media links, you’ll see the white box with red font that reads  “Pin It”. All you need do is click on it and up will pop all the pictures used in the post. From there, you pick and choose the pictures you most want to pin. If it so happens you want to pin them all, then by all means, pin away! Make a comment or leave it blank – you’re call – but most important – pin now and pin often! ENJOY!!

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