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It’s Fall In Post And Beam Country!

It’s Fall in Post and Beam Country!

The air is clear, the apples are crisp and the color is popping – it’s nearing Fall in post and beam country! Okay, it’s nearing Fall everywhere, but in New England fall is special. It’s something about the combination of the sparkling blue skies and the vivid colors of those maple trees that create the perfect backdrop for photographing some of our finest architecture – post and beam barns and homes. I’ve gone out and taken a few pictures of my own and combined them with some we already had so everyone might enjoy a little bit of New England in Autumn, no matter where you may be! ENJOY!

post and beam Of course, I’m going to begin the tour with my own post and beam carriage house. All seasons are lovely here, but fall is truly spectacular.


post and beam Even on cloudy days, the beauty of our garden and tea house are lit up by the colors of fall.


post and beam A little further south of me, a beautiful Yankee Barn post and beam farmhouse sits on a carpet of green, while hints of color appear on the trees.


post and beam On a knoll overlooking the Connecticut River Valley, a Yankee Barn addition melds beautifully with both an 18th Century cape and the surrounding colors of fall.


post and beam Inside these homes, fall is also making itself know.


post and beam Riches from the garden are showing up as harvest decorations.


post and beam As is an honored tradition in New England, nothing goes to waste; even corn husks are used.


post and beam Back outside, little can compete with the show nature herself, is putting on.


post and beam I say “Get out there and enjoy it” because we all know what comes next….


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