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Transitional Spaces

Transitional Spaces at Yankee Barn Homes

Yankee Barn Homes does not create landscaping, but designing a house requires awareness of all aspects of a build site. Transitional spaces between the home and its land are a must. We visit the site to consider the position of the home as it relates to light sources, views, and the use of space between the house and the grounds. Often, you’ll see landscape elements in our renderings. This is because the new homeowners have shared their vision of how the house will relate to the land. We enjoy the completion of a YBH almost as much as our clients; how the home relates to and with the property through transitional spaces is rewarding.

Yankee Barn Homes Transitional Spaces


Cove Hollow
Cove Hollow’s owner wanted both a transitional space, in this case a patio, and a pool but he didn’t want them combined. He envisioned them as their own separate outdoor spaces, separated by expanses of grass, yet wanted them both to feel connected to the house.  Yankee Barn worked closely with him to achieve his vision.  The patio is connected to the home through use of expansive glass and three separate sets of French doors. The pool is located up a mild slope and away from the house but is connected to the home and patio using a stone path and picturesque gate. See more on Cove Hollow

Fieldview was an interesting project as it started as a renovation of a mundane 1980s Postmodern house. In this case, that’s architecture-speak for nothing special. Through the eyes of Yankee Barn Homes, it became an amazing seaside home, complete with an attention-getting post and beam kitchen/sun room addition. As the house abutted a nature preserve, the homeowner wanted it to connect with the unmarred views, while not encroaching on the natural land. He also wanted a patio, a pool and a pool house. YBH assisted him in designing the exact outdoor spaces he envisioned. See more on Fieldview

Southold Barn
The Southold Barn is a spectacular combination of three natural elements living in complete harmony. A post and beam barn home, an ocean side setting and transitional spaces connecting one to the other.  The owners wanted two specific transitional spaces, a large deck overlooking the ocean and a pool, however, they did not want them to compete with one another. Therefore, the two weren’t to be within view of each other. This design requirement was accomplished by allowing the deck to be the only architectural structure existing on the ocean side of the home. The pool area is on the front side of the home, creatively tucked in to the site by attaching it an oversized barn (garage) which performs double duty as a pool house.  See more on the Southold Barn

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