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Timberframe Homes

Timberframe Homes that WOW!

Timberframe homes create strong and visible features which add complete uniqueness to a home’s interior. The frame is a visible “skeleton”, but this statement doesn’t do the beauty of timberframe homes justice. Every room in the house will have evident post and beam which can either become the central focal point or add to the overall effect of a room. As you view each of these homes, consider how the post and beam structure has either been brought to the forefront or incorporated into the total look of the room. Yankee Barn Homes’ clients determine how the timberframe is integrated into the style and decor of their home. The gallery of photos reveal how distinct timberframe homes are. Almost any architectural approach is possible; the homeowner envisions it and the YBH Design team makes it a reality. Each Yankee Barn is a custom design.

The entire look of the Cabot Barn was created around the post and beam form of the home. The European rustic flavor of the fireplace defines the open living space. See More

This room from our Tisbury home is a blank canvas. However, hints are given in the contemporary fireplace tile, the monochromatic color scheme and extensive use of white. See More

Moose Ridge Lodge all but screams “down time” and “high fun factor”. What a great way to envision both. We love the trapezoid windows which form the prow of the living/dining areas. And how about that view? See More

A thoroughly state of the art white kitchen works well in tandem with the post and beam frame of the Main Street Farmhouse. See More

The Southold’s eclectic style great room is warm and welcoming. See More

If you would like more information about Yankee Barn Home options you can explore our floor plan options, call and talk to one of our design consultants at 800-258-9786 orfill out this short online form.


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