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Author Archive | Holly Ostrander

Tour of My Carriage House

Here’s a virtual video of my Carriage House.  This was created as we finished the design phase at Yankee Barn Homes to help us get a feel for the interior.  We’re thrilled with how the 5ft kneewalls give us an intimate feeling of space on the second floor. Enjoy!

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Post & Beam Architecture is NOT Synonymous with Log Home Living

Many people see the terms academic help “post and beam” or “timber frame” as synonymous with log home living.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Log homes tend to be more rustic with a sometimes overwhelming amount of wood exposed on the interior.  Post and beam homes expose the timber structure in the interior while still allowing for the warmth […]

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Post & Beam Home Design…Lesson #7

Lesson # 7: If Structure Matters, Aesthetics Are Paramount. This is where I’m probably going to insult some people and those who know me will never believe it, but tossing insults and sarcasm around is truly not my objective; at least not here. That being said, I have strong opinions on aesthetics in general and […]

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Lesson #6 Structure Matters

Lesson # 6: Structure Matters. The beauty of post and beam design is the number of options you have. The structure may be designed using either interior bearing walls when privacy is desired or a simple bearing post where openness is what you want. Instead of an entire wall, a post will suffice. This is […]

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Post & Beam Home Design…Lesson #5

Lesson # 5: Make It a Collaborative Effort: aka The Poker Game. As the women, I once believed I had exclusivity over all things aesthetic of our new post and beam home. My husband could have his indoor garage faucets, car attachments for the central vacuum and even a recycling shed. No problem. But that […]

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Portrait of a romantic old couple toasting wineglasses

Post & Beam Home Design…Lesson #4

Lesson # 4: Be Ready To Compromise. No matter how prepared you are, how many budgets you’ve formulated, or how many times you’ve reviewed the numbers, changes will occur that you never saw coming. Some may even turn out to provide you with a better structure than you’d have thought possible, but all will most […]

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