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Contemporary House Design is Beach Home Perfection

Block Island House is the epitome of contemporary house design. Our newest home is a…

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No Place Like A Yankee Barn Home at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the one holiday where the central focus is on food, family, and friends.
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Plan NOW to Build in Spring or Summer of 2019

Build in spring is not new or novel advice in the home construction business. I’m quite…

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Menemsha Cottage is Underway!

Menemsha Cottage is meant to recall the older cottages and bungalows on Martha’s Vineyard.
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Return To Great North Woods Lodge Home

The Great North Woods Lodge home is currently under construction in an area that looks…

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Great North Woods Lodge

Great North Woods Lodge is a new Yankee Barn home design in the architectural style…

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3 Elements of Great Kitchen Design

Kitchen design is both challenging and fun. Regardless of a home’s style, the elements of…

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A Yankee Barn Home of His Own

Keith lives in a brand new Yankee Barn home. However, he did not design or plan this home with us.
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