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4 Essential Elements That Define “Barn-Home Style”

Recently, I was talking to an acquaintenance about building a barn-style home and she asked, “What exactly is barn-style?  Does it mean converting a barn into a house?” This question started me thinking about how best to describe barn-style.  Converting an old barn into a house definitely affords the home a barn-style look, but you don’t need to begin with an […]

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A Post & Beam Provides Rustic Refinement

The design plan for this timber frame vacation home was not complex. It needed to be suitable for large family gatherings of the owners  children and grandchildren while fitting in with the landscape; a gorgeous site located on a back field of an old farm that sloped down to a lake. An open floor plan […]

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Accessorize Your Barn With A Cupola!

Ever notice that every time you see a really great barn there’s always one feature present? What is it, you ask? Why, the cupola, of course! Cupolas were first used during the 8th Century in Islamic architecture atop minarets. It’s believed nomadic Moors brought them to Europe by way of Spain. Their domed and pointed […]

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Timber Frame Barns: An American Icon

Quick; think of one structure every state in the country has in common. You guessed it (probably because I gave away the answer in the title), The Timber Frame Barn. They may have their own details indigenous to a geographical location, but the ties that bind all barns together begin in their bones with the […]

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