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Age In Place Home Design

Age In Place: The Cooperstown Farmhouse

Age in place is a top priority with many clients building with Yankee Barn Homes. While clients want a lovely home that serves many purposes, the one feature we see requested time and again is the ability for the home to accommodate the age in place process. Our latest design, The Cooperstown, is a 3030 sq ft farmhouse style post and beam does just this, and more...
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The Wyoming

Westward Ho! YBH Presents THE WYOMING

The Wyoming is one of Yankee Barn Homes' most recent designs. It has been a fun plan to watch develop as being an east coast company, we don't get the opportunity to design in the western lodge architectural style as often as we'd like. Speaking of which, who says you have to actually live in the west to love the architecture? But I digress...
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Mid Century Modern Inspired Post And Beam

Mid Century Modern Inspired Post and Beam

Mid Century Modern architecture in the American iteration, came about after World War II as a means to bring modernism to the post-war suburbs. Emphasizing structures with expansive glass and open floor plans, the style’s main goal was to open up interior spaces and bring the outdoors in. Many original Mid Century Modern homes used a post and beam architectural design to eliminate the need for bulky support walls...
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