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Archive | The Beam Babe

Read the Beam Babe’s hilarious accounts of designing, styling and living in her post and beam carriage house.


PostandBeamLiving.Com Staff

Just in case you think we might be a bunch of “do-nothings” around here, I want to assure you (with photographic proof) that we do indeed, work very hard at PostandBeamLiving.Com. We make every effort and take every opportunity to have high level meetings each and every day! We believe our excellent blog to be […]

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The Doors of Post and Beam

I felt it only appropriate to write a post about the wide variety of entryways owners have chosen for their timber frame homes. I’ve often remarked a post and beam can be any architectural style the owner desires.  Well, the same may be said for the front door. The entryway is an important architectural element […]

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My Favorite Things

I just bought a new camera. There’s nothing like learning a new piece of technological wizardry. Some people love it; I am not one of those people. In my defense I must say I’ve recently had to learn all the new appliances and operating systems in our carriage house as my husband – well, let’s […]

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Romancing the Barn

My mom and I often disagree about taste and style particularly when it comes to architecture. She can not understand why I am such a huge fan of barn homes. As long as I can remember I have always had a love for barns. Barns are romantic symbols of our past. If not your personal […]

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Tour of My Carriage House

Here’s a virtual video of my Carriage House.  This was created as we finished the design phase at Yankee Barn Homes to help us get a feel for the interior.  We’re thrilled with how the 5ft kneewalls give us an intimate feeling of space on the second floor. Enjoy!

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Get Inspired by these 5 Beautiful Barns

1.  The Classic Little Red Barn Just like the Little Black Dress, the Little Red Barn never goes out of style. It doesn’t fall victim to fads and trends.  It doesn’t scream and shout for attention.  But never mistake the eye-grabbing beauty of the simple, classic Little Red Barn. Topped off with the perfectly proportioned cupola, […]

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